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  • Vinotra 10


    vinotra 10 rotterdamThe Vinotra 10 (135 x 22,80 meters). With a capacity of 11.571 ton or 12.700 cubic meters is the second largest inland bunker barge from Europe.


    The Vinotra 10 is equipped with re-inforced steel hull plating and with 3 powerful ABC motors with each 1800 HP.





















Service first

Vinotra B.V. guarantees an excellent service: efficient, flexible and safe. We are a versatile freighter for every transportation- or bunker order of fuel oil and mineral oils. We take care of the transportation from and to refineries and storage depots, including bunkering of seagoing vessels.

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New generation

Mega barge Vinotra 10, the second largest inland bunker barge of Europe, with a capacity of circa 12.000 mt. .

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To ensure an excellent service, Vinotra attaches a lot of importance to safety and environment. To achieve this, procedures and instructions are written down in a quality handbook, which serves as a guideline for our employees. Certification hereabout happens based on intern/extern audits. Vinotra is certificated for ISO 9001:2015 en 14001:2015.

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