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Vinotra is a reliable partner for your transportation of mineral oils. We are able to call upon a versatile, modern fleet for all your transportations and bunkering.

Our attempt is to have the most efficient, environmentally friendly barges in the future.


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Assessment- and Innovationcentre

The Assessment- and Innovation centre Inland Shipping is the Program bureau for the Innovation program for the inland shipping and the Program bureau for Expertise development.

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EBIS, the European Inland Shipping Inspection System, became operational on July 1, 1998. EBIS is developed by the oil and chemical industry as a part of the self obligation, to get the safety of bunker shipping on a higher level.

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In inland shipping, technological innovation is constantly transited. This is what makes the Dutch inland shipping fleet not only the largest of Europe, but also the most modern fleet of the world.

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The innovative ship Vinotra 10

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Vinotra 10

The Vinotra 10 is in the first place, a bunker ship constructed as a C-class tanker, and can thereby carry chemical products. The ship is also allowed on the Rhine. The capacity is 12,700 m3, which corresponds to 400 truck.

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