About Vinotra B.V.

Vinotra B.V. and what we do

  • Vinotra B.V. characterizes herself as an independent transporter for bunkering of mineral oils in the entire ARA area. This for both the majors and the independents. All our barges are double hulled, comply with the highest safety norms and are all equipped with a bunker boom.





About Vinotra B.V. and her services


Striving towards the highest quality norm translates itself into a few parameters:

  • To work safely, with the goal to strive towards a zero incidents policy, is the most important policy guideline.

  • Flexibility and availability

  • Reliability

  • Sustainable


Not dependent on a third party.

Established in 2004 by merging 3 partners, who already had a lot of experience. With one clear purpose: to offer a level of service in which flexibility, efficiency and safety are of central importance.


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Our working area

Haven Rotterdam

The working area of Vinotra B.V. is mostly situated in harbours of the ARA area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerpen), but also all the navigable rivers in West-Europe.

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Jobs fleet

Contact details

Vinotra B.V. 

Brugsteen 4
4815 PL Breda
The Netherlands
Phone +31 (0) 85 064 60 40
After hours number +31 (0) 85 064 60 40 (24/7)
Fax +31 (0) 76 542 27 00
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